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Systemsys Ltd

sys helps companies improve their performance using the Process Approach. Training & Consultancy are delivered by Engineers with extensive experience of 3rd party assessment / Training / Qualifying 3rd party assessors.

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Company Outline & Introduction to this Website

Systemsys Ltd helps companies, particularly in the UK, to improve their business performance using the Process Approach and obtain third party Approval where this is required.

We provide Training & Consultancy Support for Internal Auditors, Management, and Product & Process Engineers.

Support is outlined in the Consultancy/Workshop section and includes identifying company’s key processes and mapping them out with their Key Performance Indicators.    Levels 1 (System Map) & 2 (Process Maps) of a working ‘html’ system can be seen in the Example section.

  • Consultancy can extend to full implementation support to achieve accredited approval to a standard.  
  • All services are delivered by Professional Engineers with extensive experience of Group Management, 3rd party assessment and Training & Qualifying 3rd party assessors.
  • Companies that have been supported, have achieved or maintained approval to the Quality Management Standards ISO9001 and/or IATF 16949 and improved their business performance. 
  • SYS aims to provide the best service possible and be seen as achieving this, as is shown in representative comments in the Customer Feedback section.

Step 1: Introducing the Process Approach.

If there is anything that we can do to support you, then do let us know for example via the form in the contact us page. 

Alan Keffler BEng, CEng, Consultant & Master Trainer.


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